Rebecca Harper loves to tell a good story and knows how to hold a crowd.

With an ‘educated’ Australian accent (though she can also put on a great ocker tone), her voice is modulated, warmly authoritative and relatively deep for a chick. So deep in fact, that in her university days, when enquiring about playing field hockey with a Sydney club, she was asked if she wanted to sign up for the men’s or women’s team? Queue awkward pause.

Rebecca embraces life like she embraces books and has an interest in many categories ranging from romance to comedy, business to health, lifestyle to memoir, literary fiction to Australian epics.

Rebecca has twenty years experience in the corporate world, most of which time she specialised in human capital management, leadership development, facilitation and presentation training. She has presented to small and large groups (including lecturing to rowdy university students) over many years, comfortably using her voice to gain control of a room.

Lately she has been immersed in the world of book clubs, audiobooks and audiobook narration.

It’s not that she likes the sound of her own voice – who does? But in a stroke of luck for her, it seems that other people do! She loves recounting stories and giving voice to print books and is quite happy being the centre of attention. If there’s a microphone handy, whether in her audiobook studio, recording an ad, or in a public place, you can bet she’ll be nearby ready to tell a joke or a tall tale.

Rebecca is currently available for audiobook narration projects and is bringing printed words to life for authors and listeners across Australia and the world. Her first project was Honey Farm Dreaming, a memoir by Anna Featherstone.